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Rigging, Millwright, and Machinery Moving

This division performs new machine installs, in-house moves of existing equipment, industrial, heavy teardowns, and heavy assist maintenance – anything from broken tie bars to injection molding machine leveling. We work with a variety of industries: large factories and manufacturers, bottling/liquor bottles companies, engines and generator manufacturers, railroad and trucking companies, military, casting and forges, blow molding, injection molding, CNC (computerized numerical control), mills, and machining companies. We can help you move anything from 500 lbs. to 500,000 lbs.!

What is Rigging?

Rigging includes various components such as shackles, hooks, spreader bars, and hoists, which are used to connect the load to the crane or lift’s hook or other lifting mechanism. These components are carefully selected and arranged to ensure that the load remains stable and balanced during lifting and movement.

The proper selection, arrangement, and use of rigging equipment are critical to safe and efficient lifting and machinery moving operations. Rigging must be carefully planned and executed, taking into account factors such as load weight and size, center of gravity, and the crane/lift’s capacity and reach.

It’s important to note that crane rigging requires specialized knowledge and expertise. Only trained professionals should be involved in the planning and execution of crane rigging operations to ensure the safety of personnel and equipment involved in the lifting process.


Here at the TPM Rigging department we take pride in owning 3 of our own Hilman Traksporters for moving machines. If the machine will physically fit through an opening, we can move it through. No need to clear extra room to relocate your machines to provide clearance for large forklifts. The Traksporter system we use also eliminates the need for having forklifts delivered to raise and move machines, saving customers some of the cost of expensive trucking and fuel bills as they can be hauled to the job with an already required service truck.


Thomas Plastic Machinery Rigging offers trucking services as well. TPM has various types of trailers such as flat beds, step decks, conestogas, RGNs, slide axles and several other specialty trailers capable of hauling up to 100,000 lbs. We have experience with getting oversized and overweight permits in multiple states.

Bobby Chatham

Department Manager

Richard Pruett

Rigging Project Manager

Liam Helton

Rigging Project Manager